Friday, June 24, 2011

Um, hi blog...been gone for a while! :p

So yes, long story short but I am still here, I have so far survived mommyhood of twins and I'm still kicking! Just...been super busy! I will update very soon but here is what has happened recently. Half over with school and freaking out about that....have almost nothing done and 4 classes to finish before the end of September. The girls are 6 freaking months old already!!! Mishu is deployed and while that sucks, I will survive it fully intact...if the girls let me! We (Mishu and I as a family) decided that it would be best for everyone for me to move up to IL with my family during this time, due to health concerns (which if I haven't addressed yet, I will soon.) for a majority of the deployment. Um...Oh, yeah...he was involved in a crash a few days before he was set to go over, still got sent over just a day late and well, the truck has been in the shop every since. Grr...that sucks. Because this is a whole month that I've been here alone. If it weren't for my health issues, I could easily do this alone. But...we have the girls and since there is no way for family to be down here at the drop of a hat due to an emergency, basically I feel this is playing with fire. So the sooner I can get moved up north, the better. But I digress. I have like, 2 minutes of coherent thought (who ever would have thought that would happen at what...Ass-crack O'Thirty?!) to post a little bit of an update. So there. Yep. I'm still alive and kickin'. I'll post something that makes sense soon! :p