Monday, December 28, 2009

Part 1 of the move

The movers came today. :)

I'll be driving down to GA on Wednesday morning. I'm just emotionally and physically exhausted right now. They moved most everything and there were only a few things that were not taken, mostly due to stuff being moved around the in basement and I did not realize there was stuff on my mom's side of the crawlspace in the basement. The movers DID end up taking my things out of the crawlspace and basement in general. They moved everything out of the apartment and the storage room, so there were no issues with that. :)
I have to finish cleaning tomorrow and then in the afternoon I am going to be spending time with my family. Ok, I'm out. Just wanted to update. :)


Welp...the movers should be here by now, 25 minutes late! AHHHH! I know it's not that big of a deal, they WILL get the job done. I'm just freaking out with everything right now.

To update you all...I was told that they will move from both locations. Total win! I was also told that they will move the stuff from the basement. So we will see today how this all goes. I PROMISE I will update tonight.

My fish tank is empty and fish in a tote that I will be taking down with me to GA in a few days. I'm just petrified right now I won't be able to fit the stuff in my car that I have to take myself!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I will have limited internet access until further notice. My computer borked. Not charging, and I'm pretty sure it's something internal. I will be able to access my email, Facebook and Twitter from my phone like usual...but I really need to focus on my math studies. :)
I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Much love!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I'm still around. Just...busy as all hell! Here is what I know so far, and what will be going down in the near future. I handed in my resignation at both my jobs. My last days will be December 18th and 20th. Hopefully, this coming Monday we should find out more information on the move. I am really really hoping that the Army will move our stuff from both locations (my house and the storage room) as I really really don't have the resources (man power more than anything else) to get everything back from the storage room to my house. Then, I will be supervising the moving guys for 2 days while they pack and inspect everything and then move it on to the truck. We are hoping they can do this before New Years, as I would like to be down in GA by that time.
If not, I will just have to drive up here for it depending on when they can get here. I've started applying for a few jobs down there again, hopefully I will get something. I will be down there longer this time.
I'm still going to school online. I'm almost done with my science course and I am finishing my math course. I was supposed to be able to take the math test, but one of the mentors (not mine, she is out for surgery right now, though she and I are the ones who talked about me taking the test this session instead of next) and this is really screwing me up now. As soon as I find out more, I will probably update it on here.
Oh, I did an interview a little while back with the Salt Lake Tribune and here is the article. It is about military spouses and going to school. :)

Thanksgiving went well. Had a lot of family, though I wish there could have been more. Mishu was able to be here with me for it, which was great. Hopefully we will be able to go to his family for Easter, seeing as he will be working for both Christmas and New Years.

Ok, It's late and I should be off to bed. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Happy Veteran's Day! Please take the time to thank a vet! And a big Thank You! to all you veteran's out there!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Been really busy overall lately. Mishu came up for a week last week, and was in SD hunting with some family the week before. It was great to see him and we cooked some of the pheasant he shot! It tasted pretty good, though it was a very flavorful dish that we cooked so I don't quite know the full taste of pheasant yet. :)
I started working out again tonight. I did the beginning workout for the EASports Wii Active game. It's part of a 30 day challenge that they have on the game. So far from what I can see, it's two days on, one day off, so we will see how this goes. I just need to get active again so that I can start doing some of the heavier stuff, like working out for a good amount of time on my Gazelle or on a stationary bike. I want to lose weight and I want to gain strength and stamina. :)
I'll update as I go... :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still here...

I'm still alive! I've just been super busy. I will try to update more often.

I just wanted to ask everyone out there to say a little prayer or send up a thought about those effected by today's shootings at Fort Hood in Texas.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I didn't realise how much I missed working and kids!

I have been going through hoops here at Ft. Gordon to start working as a respite worker through the EFMP department. Ugh...It's been total crap. And to make it worse, not many people are willing to work with me because I am only down here until late August. So I chalked it up to a loss until I got a call from a mom yesterday wanting to know if I would do some last minute babysitting for her. :D YAY! I finally got some work. She wanted me to work Thurs-Sat but I have plans Friday and Saturday. She wasn't upset with that at all, she was just happy to get even one day. I guess there were some issues with her previous worker or agency or something so she had to change last minute. She had two kids, both under 10 and one had ADHD. I loved working with them!

I feel so guilty now though, because at this point after not working all summer, I honestly can't wait to get back to IL to work in the school system again! I'll be back with 1st and 2nd graders again and I will be working with all my swim students again! I miss them all so much.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Margie's Meatloaf

-2 lbs ground anything (preferable beef extra lean)
-one egg
-one package onion soup
-four slices of bread (broken up into approx. 1x1 pieces)
-one can whole tomatoes or stewed tomatoes.

Glaze: 2 parts ketchup, one part Karo syrup.

Mix ground beef (or turkey or tofu or veggie burger or whatever), egg, onion soup mix, bread and the can whole or stewed tomatoes. Don't mash, just mix. Put into loaf pan. Just before putting into oven, poke several holes with your finger, at least 2" deep with your finger. Mix the glaze. Brush glaze over meatloaf, making sure that the holes get filled.
Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.

Bubba's Belly Run

Not too long ago, a fellow Army wife, Nicki Bunting, laid her loving husband, Brian "Bubba" Bunting to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Like so many others, Bubba was tragically killed in action by an IED a mere two weeks after returning from R&R. Days after finding out she lost her husband, Nicki found out she was pregnant with their second child.

Nicki has been an incredible inspiration to me and a model of grace, dignity, strength and love at a time when she would have every reason to curl up in a ball. I have asked myself many times if I could hold myself together the way she has and still find a way to be happy for others and encourage them the way she has continued to do. I have caught myself thinking "It could have been my husband just as easily" and yes, it could have been almost any one of our husbands, brothers, sons, or friends.

In the midst of this loss, Nicki has managed to organize the First Annual Bubba's Belly Run, a 5k Run/Maternity Walk and Fun Run on September 27th, 2009. The proceeds will benefit the Bunting children education and other Gold Star families.

Although most of us can't participate IN the run, there is one thing we can do to support this. How? Order an American flag for a mere $5. The flag you buy will not be sent to you. It will be displayed along the race route and will honor one of the 5,001 + soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting the same war as our very own loved ones.

I was pretty dishearted to learn after buying a couple of them that only 80 or so flags have been sold, and so I am writing to encourage all of you to visit the site and buy a flag (or two or more) to honor Bubba and the rest of those who have paid the ultimate price.

PLEASE pass this on to let others know about this! Support the fallen! 5 bucks is a Starbucks or a Extra Value Meal at McD's. You can do without that for one day.

Thanks for reading and passing this on.

I am going to run/walk this and I just really want to get the word out.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A stupid messed up situation

Mike and I got down here to GA yesterday morning. I spent most of yesterday sleeping and he had work. He got home this morning and we both slept some more. Now, this afternoon he told us both that he didnt want me staying here. For the whole 6 weeks. He said it was better if I stayed somewhere else, but it was ok if I came to visit. Um...WHAT?! We gave him plenty of time and plenty of notice that I was coming. Well, It's not like the idiot didn't know I was coming down here for 6 weeks. He knew that we were going to try to spend a decent amount of time together after the wedding. He said it was ok for me to stay here before. When our plan originally was for me to move down here completely, he said it was ok for us to stay here until we found a permanent place, ie on-post housing or an apartment. He said it was fine no matter how long it took. When Mike told him that I wasnt moving down here permanently, he said it was ok that I was going to be staying with Mike for a while. He's never had a problem with me before. I still don't know what his problem is. He told Mike that the lease contract (Mike pays him rent for 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and communal use of the rest of the house, living room/dining room and kitchen) was for 1 room mate only. He told Mike something about it being too crowded. I either stay in the bedroom unless Mike is home, or I am out with Mishu in the rest of the house. I don't use his food and I've washed the dishes I've used and even the dishes he's left on the counter. I keep up after myself and I'm not loud. I'm trying to find a job here so that I'm not bored off my brains. I'm only down here for 6 weeks so the hunt has kind of been a failure, but oh well. I just don't get what his problem is. Well, Mike to the rescue, he called a bunch of his friends down here and one of them is going to rent a room to us. He knows our dog and loves her to bits. He actually lives in the same association. But still, his current roomie just blows my mind. Thank God he is staying at his girl friend's house this weekend. I am still really mad about the whole situation.

Monday, June 29, 2009


So, I'm technically now (was legally before, now under they eyes of God) a married woman! WooHoo! I'm a little busy right now packing up and cleaning up. I'm going to go spend about a month and a half with Mishu, so we can hopefully bond more as Mr. & Mrs. It will be a bit of a change. About the longest we've ever "lived together" was about a month, month and a half. After that I will be moving back up here to IL until we figure out what is going on with him and the military. If he gets accepted to training, we will probably be moving to AL, anytime this winter.

But, I've got to get back to packing, so here's a little morsel I will leave you with.

A slideshow of wedding pictures I've pirated off some of my guests!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm currently down in Normal, IL for the summer IL Special Olympics games! Will probably post some pics in a day or so, but tonight I need to get my butt moving on home work. Like usual, I've but it off until the last possible second and my mentor at WGU is getting nervous.

So today my mom calls me and tells me that a couple boxes came. YAY! That means I've gotten everything for the wedding and I'm virtually DONE! I have her open the boxes to make sure everything is right, which the programs were. The favors on the other hand...were not. Now, my wedding is in 8 days. WTF?! This is beyond not cool. The favors came in printed with the wrong date. So I had her check the package list. That says the correct date. -_- Not a happy girl am I after this point. This means I DID NOT SCREW UP! I called them and of course they were closed for the day. *mumblegrumble* I left a very terse voice mail for them stating that I need the product in my hand by Tuesday night. I am truly hoping they call me back by tomorrow. Otherwise I think I may be screwed.

I will update you (the 3 that read me) when I get something. *sigh*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My life has been reduced to countdowns.

My last day of teaching group swim lessons for this session is tomorrow.
Tomorrow I might find out if I have a job in the fall.
Wednesday I go get my nails filled and pick up my dress, I also have to finalize the floral order and the reception hall.
Thursday is the last day of work at the school. It's a half day too.
Thursday is the last practice for the Special Olympics swim team I work with before the State games down at ISU.
Friday morning we (or maybe just me if my mom's ribs stop killing her, that's a whooooole 'nother story)leave to go downstate to cheer my brother on in his swim State games. GO CAM!
Sunday (maybe Saturday) we come back from said games.
Wednesday (17th) Mishu's sister, L, comes in. Also, I go for my waxing.
Thursday (18th) Mishu gets in.
Friday (19th) is my relaxation day. I need to schedule a massage for the day, get my nails filled in and then we have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Then on the 20th is our wedding day!
Then the day after, Sunday the 21st, I go chop my hair off (finally)!
June 22nd we leave at the ass-crack of dawn and go to Jamaica!
June 27th we come back.
June 29th or so we start driving down to GA.
Then I spend the summer down in GA with Mishu and at some point in August, come back. :)

There we go. My life for the next couple months reduced to counting down. LOL!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Been a while, yeah I know...

I promise, I will get to updating this more soon. The wedding is 27 days away and I have 26 days to finish up 2 classes! Been a busy little bee here and I'm about ready to pull my hair out! More to come soon...

ETA: Oh...I also graduated with my AA in Liberal Arts this last week. :) See...I've been so busy I completely forgot about that!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interesting day

Work today was nice. Nothing really eventful at either job. At the pool I realized that I really need to push myself to do laps. I need to train myself enough that I can swim a 500m front crawl. I also realized during my attempt to see how far I can go now that I NEED goggles. My eyes are burning so bad right now. I ended up being able to do 100m in one try and I tried to get another 100 in and was only able to get 50m more. I am going back tomorrow and trying again. The more I practice, the more I will be able to do, right? Heh...everyone I talked to at the pool told me my best bet was to just keep at it and keep it up.

I know I need to get into shape, and this is something that HAS to be done so I guess I have no choice now but to get into shape. I need to be able to swim at least the 500m because I need to get my lifeguard certification. I know I can do everything else, it's just the long distance swimming that I have a hard time with.

I talked to Mishu a little bit today and that helped. I don't like to complain because there are so many that have it so much worse, and we have dealt with so much worse, but I think that because he is stateside I am spoiled and like to talk to him more. He works at an Army medical center and the department he works in is the ER. He has been on the night shift and they work 12 hours shifts. It's an odd schedule and I'm forever forgetting when he works and when he doesn't. But this schedule makes the days he works suck because I work from 8:30-3 (M-F)and then from 3:40-7P on Mondays and Tuesdays and from 5-6:30P on Thursdays and Fridays. He starts work at 7PM EST. :( Sometimes he is still sleeping when I get out of work and I have to keep calling him to wake him up. Like, yesterday we talked for about half an hour, today we talked for about 20 minutes. I know I shouldn't complain but I still miss him and I hate not getting my time to talk to him.

Off that...a co-worker (at the pool, we will call her A) came up to me today visibly upset. She started telling me how she had just gotten off the phone with her cousin, who was like a sister to her. She told me that her cousin's child was 2 years old and the whole family was concerned because the child had not started talking yet. I guess they recently had the child tested and he now has a diagnoses of Autism. At this point, A got very jittery and said, "I feel like you are one of the only people I can talk to about this! I feel horrible right now for feeling this way. Is it ok that I feel sad about this?" I almost didn't know what to say. She broke down into tears at this point. I felt really bad for her. I know it's a tough diagnoses to swallow and I told her it was ok to feel that way, as long as she worked through it and realized that it was a blessing that they did the testing and they now can get the child into an early-intervention program. I hugged her and told her it was going to be a rough road, but she really needed to be there and be strong for her cousin and the child. We talked about it for a little while and she kept getting worse emotionally, so I showed her a breathing technique, breathing in her nose and out her nose 10 times. She ended up giggling a little and telling me she felt light headed. I told her she needed to remember this technique because it might come in handy one day! LOL! I hope she feels better soon.

That's about all for today. If I can think of anything else, I'll definitely post! LOL!

Monday, March 30, 2009


So. :D

Most of the wedding plans are in order. We are just trying to figure out right now if Mishu is going to wear his uniform. He's gotten a lead on getting some Dress Blues but he doesn't want to get married at his current rank. He will probably be able to get promoted but we still aren't sure. So we may not end up having a military ceremony. Which I don't like but I cant make him walk down the isle in something he doesn't want to wear. Other than that, there is really only a few things that need to be done.
My wedding shower is in a few weeks and I'm kind of excited! My mom and friends have been doing so much planning, and I can't wait!
Last week I went to go visit Mishu down in GA. The weather was great, we worked on a couple of our registries, everything was awesome. We didn't do much other than that and well...loafing! Hehe! Oh, I did go to the ACS office on post, to figure out some sort of employment when I move there in July. The lady I talked to was real nice and put me in contact with a guy at the pool on post and the lady that is in charge of the Exceptional Family Member Program on post. I also met one of Mishu's fellow soldier co-workers and she is really cool. We spent the day together, shopping at shoe stores and getting our nails done! I haven't had a day like that in a long time and apparently, neither has she. She and her husband have a little girl and she said all their shopping time is devoted to her. :)
When I went to the ACS office I got some information from the lady about the area and what the school districts are like. the job prospects don't look good, especially since a lot of school districts are cutting back on budgets and that usually means not hiring new assistants. :( Boo! BUT.....While I was in the office, I was talking about my experience and what not and they latched on to me teaching aquatics. They put me in contact (actually called him...on the phone...and then thrust the phone at me and made me talk to him!) the director of the aquatics facility on post. He sounded really excited that I have the experiences that I do. Wanted to get my resume right away and was kind of sad, in a way, that I couldn't start right away. That really made me feel good! Also, the lady that does the EFMP stuff was really glad I had done respite work before. I guess they really need people over there. :) Again, made me feel really good!
I sent the man that runs the aquatics facility my resume and current certifications. He did make kind of an issue over the phone that I did not have my lifeguard certification. I am kind of reluctant to do it, it's just a lot of work and well...I am inherently pretty lazy. :D I got an email today from the director of aquatics at the facilities on post and she said she was impressed with my resume and was wondering if I would be interested in getting certified for lifeguard. *sigh* But she also mentioned that "We would love to expand our lessons to further help our wounded soldiers and your certifications would be an excellent dove-tail fit into our desires." O.o Wow. Interesting...I've never worked with neuro-typical individuals in an adaptive aquatics setting. I'm actually really interested in it. A little scared but I think it could be a good experience!
I had a total OH CRAP! moment today! You know, how people say they have an AHA! moment? Yeah, well, an OH CRAP! moment is a complete 180 from that. :\ I realized that I will be out of a job (my TA position) in June and I won't be leaving until July. That leaves me about a good month that I am down over half my income. CRAP! So I had asked my supervisor at the YMCA if I could get more hours and he was pretty sure they could do that. I thought about it today and I am already teaching lessons at the YMCA 14 hours a week currently. I know that they have issues giving part-timers (almost everyone that works at the Y) hours totaling close to full-time. I talked to him today and he was pretty sure they could get me up to higher 20 hours a weeks to lower 30 hours. That makes me a little less nervous. Mishu also said things will be ok, he will figure a way for them to work. I also talked to my supervisor at the Y and he said he would have no problem getting me lifeguard certified! YAY! WOOOHOO! Crap...I need to get in shape!
Other than that...I think most everything is caught up! LOL! I'm sure I'll find more to blog about in a couple of days!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A sad situation.

A fellow Army wife on a support forum that I am on lost her husband in Afghanistan yesterday. He was home about a month ago on R&R and got to spend some nice, quality time with his wife and young son.
I can't imagine what it must be like for her. Some of the moderators on the board decided to take up a collection to buy a plant or tree of some sort for her, and due to the amount of donations so far, are probably going to do something for her son as well. It is amazing the support that has poured out for her.

My heart and prayers go out to her and her family.