Friday, July 10, 2009

Margie's Meatloaf

-2 lbs ground anything (preferable beef extra lean)
-one egg
-one package onion soup
-four slices of bread (broken up into approx. 1x1 pieces)
-one can whole tomatoes or stewed tomatoes.

Glaze: 2 parts ketchup, one part Karo syrup.

Mix ground beef (or turkey or tofu or veggie burger or whatever), egg, onion soup mix, bread and the can whole or stewed tomatoes. Don't mash, just mix. Put into loaf pan. Just before putting into oven, poke several holes with your finger, at least 2" deep with your finger. Mix the glaze. Brush glaze over meatloaf, making sure that the holes get filled.
Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.