Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last math update for a while!

I passed my math! :D Finally! I am so happy! This was the last "real" math I should have to take until my Masters! Yippee! The only other thing having to do with math that I will need to do is curriculum and possibly with student teaching. YAY!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Eeep! I have a math test tomorrow and I'm getting a bit nervous about it. I always get that way before a test so this is nothing specific to math or anything. I always work myself up about it. I'm actually relatively calm about it right now, but I know that it will get worse tomorrow morning as I'm getting ready to go to the library to take it.
For those that might not remember or know, I go to school online, to Western Governor's University. They are the only online school that is NCATE accredited. :) Which means my teaching degree, once I actually get it, will actually be worth something! As an Army wife, that was something that weighed heavily into my choosing what school to go to. I knew we would be moving around a lot (this year alone I will be moving at least twice) and I didn't want to lose credits with transfers again. The only thing I have to do offline at WGU is certain tests and PRAXIS exams along with my student teaching. They work really well with military members and spouses so far as I've seen.
They also work with the MyCAA program. ;) So I've had one year of school payed for so far through the military. Awesomeness!

But I digress...I have my test tomorrow morning at 9AM EST. I'm nervous but I will do it and I will do well. Well enough to pass at least!

Other than that, I signed all my tax papers and what not at the Home Depot so I am now an official employee there again. I should be getting a call tomorrow afternoon telling me what training I will need to do and what time I need to show up on Wednesday. I'm kind of hoping it's in the afternoon/evening because there are a group of ladies here at Ft. Gordon that want to get together for coffee (I will be having tea, I hate coffee) and I would like to get to meet them.
So yeah...that is all...carry on!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haven't posted in a few days.

Saying that though...there really hasn't been much to say. Let's see...
I bought and picked up my new Wii. :) This is thanks to the Sears Heroes at Home program. I also bought some work clothes and Mishu is going to be using his portion to buy some tools. It's really helped out a lot, seeing as I've been out of work since before Christmas.
I finally heard back from Home Depot and I go in Monday to sign all the final paperwork and I will be officially hired there. Hopefully I will get some idea of a schedule.
I have my math test next Tuesday so that will be interesting. I know I will do good. :)
Mishu and I will be spending St. Patrick's Day in Savannah so that will be nice. He went there last year over St. Patrick's day and really enjoyed it so he wanted me to experience it with him this year.
Then later that week, probably either Thursday or Friday I will be in Chicago for the weekend. It's the regional meet for swimming with my brother's Special Olympics team so I am going to go see him and the rest of the team swim. It'll be good to see family and maybe some friends again!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How my mom taught me to cure my hiccups!

I had the hiccups a couple times today. The first time I thought they went away on their own...but no, they came back with a vengeance! So...I gave in and decided to do the old trick again of drinking from the other side of the cup to get rid of my hiccups. Now, I've had a couple people ask me how to do this. It's a lot more complicated to describe than it is to actually do. I've described it to people over the interwebs before and had my mom take pictures of me demonstrating it. Now...it was late at night and I was SUPER tired when these were taken. I normally don't look that bad! :)

1. Locate "the other side of the cup." It is the far side of the cup. The side that is NOT closest to you!

2. Put your mouth on that side of the cup. You will need to bend over forwards. If you need to, brace yourself with your hand against a wall or a table.

3. Bend over far enough that the water reaches your lips. Start drinking. Drink as much of the water as you can.

4. Return yourself to your upright position!

Winking smiley guy Pictures, Images and Photos

It's always worked for me.

To do list for the day

This is more for my own benefit:

•Call Home Depot about test next week, cannot be scheduled.
•Do Goddess workout
•Boxes in Kitchen
•Clean up Kitchen
•Go through some boxes in front room
•Find the screws for dining room table
•Find EA Active accessories
•Eat Lunch
•Drink glass of Tazo/Green tea
•Drink glass of White iced tea
•Drink glass of White iced tea
•Drink one glass hot white tea
•Call Sears about Wii
•Call moving company back about move
•Call Macy's about giftcard


Tomorrow (or technically, later today) is pretty busy. Or rather not...but it's a lot of waiting I have to do.
We bought a new washer and dryer and it's being delivered today. It isn't top of the line, but not bottom either. We were originally going to buy a used set off of Craigslist, but we ended up thinking better of it. We've both have limited schedules, mostly Mishu, but we would have to move them ourselves and hook them up. Hooking them up wouldn't be a big deal, we both know how to follow directions, but the laundry room is on the 2nd floor. Both Mishu and I have finnicky bakcs and if we ask a friend, we have to rely on someone else's schedule. Also, we wouldn't be able to fit both the washer and dryer in his truck. We would either have to take 2 trips (and waste gas) or borrow a friend's heavy duty, which is fine and all...but again we run into schedule issues.
So...it's getting delivered tomorrow and they are hooking it up. I just have to be home and available any time between 11A-5P. (I think...LOL! I can't remember if it was 5P or 8P!)
Other than that...I have more packing (the landlord's stuff away, he left a crap-ton of stuff here) and unpacking to do. I want to find my EA Active for the Wii accessories. I found the game but I need the band and nunchuck holder.
Which leads to something else I might be doing tomorrow. Mishu and I qualified for and recieved gift cards through the Sears Heroes at Home program. It's made it possible for us to get some nice things that we couldn't have afforded otherwise. Some nice "after Christmas" presents so to say. :) He is getting some tool stuff (man-toys) and I got some work clothes and I am getting the Wii. If I get a chance tomorrow, I want to go buy it from the store. THANK YOU SEARS!
Oh! Mishu, while going through some boxes, found my Goddess Workout DVD. It's belly dancing, so I think I will start that tomorrow. That is, if I can't get to the gym on post. They have a few classes that I want to try out, one of them being belly dancing. The others are Zumba classes and spin classes. I'm all about losing the extra pounds this new year!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I am now...

gainfully employed! I got the job. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. :) I know that I need to stop worrying about these things. I'll be back at Home Depot. Not doing full design like I used to, but kind of taking some of the pressure off the designer that is there. So mostly countertops, special orders...stuff like that. It'll be good to get back working again and I have to admit...I did miss designing. So...we will see where this goes!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have an interview tomorrow!

I've been ready to tear my hair out since I got her to GA. I'm used to working at least one job, usually 2. I've been off of work since the middle of December! So, I pre-gamed. I applied anywhere and every where I could down here, starting as soon as November. Unfortunately, no one wants to talk to you unless you are in the city where you are applying. I got a couple places that said no, but good luck and one of the local Home Depots sounded genuinely interested in me. They asked me to call them back when I got down here. Well, the lady I needed to talk to was a PITA to get ahold of, but eventually, I finally did.
That leads us to today. She called me back (they were having some big shot meetings so were swamped for a few days) and said that they want me to come in for an interview! :) Awesome! I really hope this works out!

Movers...part whatever!

So the movers came today to drop off all of my stuff. :) YAY! Went pretty well, they were on time. There are at least 2 scratches on the hardwood floor, so I will have to do a claim for those at least. We still have to go through all the boxes and make sure nothing is broken but it looks (so far) like everything is good. The china cabinet does have some damage but I am not sure if that was from before or not.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Got a call...

So as I was typing up that last blog post, I got a call from the mover. :) He said he should be here tomorrow morning, between 8A and 8:30A. We shall see how this goes, and believe you me...I will be updating! Seriously though...I cannot wait to have my couch back!

MilSpouse of the Year is back!

It's that time of the year again. Military Spouse Magazine has a contest every year where you can vote for a military spouse from every branch to be the Military Spouse of the Year. I personally know one of the nominees this year. Her name is Nicki B. Back in July, I posted a blog about Bubba's Belly Run (http://arielanna84.blogspot.com/2009/07/bubbas-belly-run.html). Well, that was Nicki and Bubba was her husband. The race was a huge success, raising over $50,000 that benefited Bubba's children's education, The Fisher House®, American Widows Project and Flat Daddies. She is such a strong woman and I personally and completely feel she deserves this honor.

Voting is at http://www.msoy.milspouse.com/ and she is under the Army icon. You can vote every 8 hours, so please vote often! You can also vote for spouses in all of the other military branches as well. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movers update

So the movers came, packed and took all my stuff away on the 28th. I hadn't heard anything so I called them today. The guy at the office had NO clue and had to call the driver. Then he called me back and tells me Thursday or Friday and that the driver would have called the day before and will still call the day before. Well...um...thank goodness I DONT HAVE A JOB YET! Ugh. That really annoys me. Is this normal?

Monday, January 4, 2010

So far

The job hunt, so far, is painfully annoying. I've been here 5 days and nothing but call backs and "no". When I say call backs, I'm not talking, "oh, we are interested, come back for another interview," I'm talking "Please call back another time, the person you are looking for is not here right now/today." I have to call one place back tomorrow and maybe drop off a resume there. I should hear back from Home Depot on Wednesday as to when they want me to come in to meet with them. I put in an application with the local school district today. So here's to hoping something comes through.

Our family has a new addition! Her name is Hope and she is a Golden Retriever mix. We are not sure yet what she is mixed with but I'm thinking Chow Chow maybe.

Also, I talked to my mentor at Western Governor's University and we set up my classes for the next 6 months. I will be taking the approximate equivalent to 16 credits. EEEP! That's a lot! I was taking about 12 before and could barely balance that but I really think I have my life in order right now and I KNOW that I will be able to pull it off. If I continue at that rate (16 credits, or as WGU calls them, competency units) I will graduate in December of 2011. That is 6 months earlier than originally planned! I know I can do this...I know i can!

That's about it for now... :D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Move Pt. 2

So I'm down here at Ft. G right now!!!
Most of my stuff fit in the car. A couple things didn't so I just put that in a pile of stuff in my mom's basement. There were a few boxes that the movers did not get because I did not know they were there so in the next couple of months, I need to head back up there to get them. :)
I left the Chicago area Wednesday morning and drove through to Chattanooga. Spent the night there and started out to finish the rest of the drive Thursday morning. In Chattanooga I discovered that my fish, most if not all of them...had died. I was really upset about this. But when I got to Gordon, half of them were alive so I was still upset I lost half the tank, but happy some of them survived the move! I've got a makeshift tank set up in their tote I have them in.
It's nice here so far. We went to a party last night. One of Mishu's friends was having his birthday party and New Years party, so we rang in the new year with them.

I hope the New Year has found everyone in good spirits and in good health!