Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have an interview tomorrow!

I've been ready to tear my hair out since I got her to GA. I'm used to working at least one job, usually 2. I've been off of work since the middle of December! So, I pre-gamed. I applied anywhere and every where I could down here, starting as soon as November. Unfortunately, no one wants to talk to you unless you are in the city where you are applying. I got a couple places that said no, but good luck and one of the local Home Depots sounded genuinely interested in me. They asked me to call them back when I got down here. Well, the lady I needed to talk to was a PITA to get ahold of, but eventually, I finally did.
That leads us to today. She called me back (they were having some big shot meetings so were swamped for a few days) and said that they want me to come in for an interview! :) Awesome! I really hope this works out!

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