Monday, January 18, 2010


Eeep! I have a math test tomorrow and I'm getting a bit nervous about it. I always get that way before a test so this is nothing specific to math or anything. I always work myself up about it. I'm actually relatively calm about it right now, but I know that it will get worse tomorrow morning as I'm getting ready to go to the library to take it.
For those that might not remember or know, I go to school online, to Western Governor's University. They are the only online school that is NCATE accredited. :) Which means my teaching degree, once I actually get it, will actually be worth something! As an Army wife, that was something that weighed heavily into my choosing what school to go to. I knew we would be moving around a lot (this year alone I will be moving at least twice) and I didn't want to lose credits with transfers again. The only thing I have to do offline at WGU is certain tests and PRAXIS exams along with my student teaching. They work really well with military members and spouses so far as I've seen.
They also work with the MyCAA program. ;) So I've had one year of school payed for so far through the military. Awesomeness!

But I digress...I have my test tomorrow morning at 9AM EST. I'm nervous but I will do it and I will do well. Well enough to pass at least!

Other than that, I signed all my tax papers and what not at the Home Depot so I am now an official employee there again. I should be getting a call tomorrow afternoon telling me what training I will need to do and what time I need to show up on Wednesday. I'm kind of hoping it's in the afternoon/evening because there are a group of ladies here at Ft. Gordon that want to get together for coffee (I will be having tea, I hate coffee) and I would like to get to meet them.
So yeah...that is all...carry on!


HellcatBetty said...

I'm getting my Masters of Arts in Teaching right now! What grade level are you specializing in? My school just became NCATE accredited, so I know the importance :) Good luck on your test!! You can dooo it!

CorinneR. said...

I'm going for Special Education K-12 and Elementary Education. :)