Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tomorrow (or technically, later today) is pretty busy. Or rather not...but it's a lot of waiting I have to do.
We bought a new washer and dryer and it's being delivered today. It isn't top of the line, but not bottom either. We were originally going to buy a used set off of Craigslist, but we ended up thinking better of it. We've both have limited schedules, mostly Mishu, but we would have to move them ourselves and hook them up. Hooking them up wouldn't be a big deal, we both know how to follow directions, but the laundry room is on the 2nd floor. Both Mishu and I have finnicky bakcs and if we ask a friend, we have to rely on someone else's schedule. Also, we wouldn't be able to fit both the washer and dryer in his truck. We would either have to take 2 trips (and waste gas) or borrow a friend's heavy duty, which is fine and all...but again we run into schedule issues.
So...it's getting delivered tomorrow and they are hooking it up. I just have to be home and available any time between 11A-5P. (I think...LOL! I can't remember if it was 5P or 8P!)
Other than that...I have more packing (the landlord's stuff away, he left a crap-ton of stuff here) and unpacking to do. I want to find my EA Active for the Wii accessories. I found the game but I need the band and nunchuck holder.
Which leads to something else I might be doing tomorrow. Mishu and I qualified for and recieved gift cards through the Sears Heroes at Home program. It's made it possible for us to get some nice things that we couldn't have afforded otherwise. Some nice "after Christmas" presents so to say. :) He is getting some tool stuff (man-toys) and I got some work clothes and I am getting the Wii. If I get a chance tomorrow, I want to go buy it from the store. THANK YOU SEARS!
Oh! Mishu, while going through some boxes, found my Goddess Workout DVD. It's belly dancing, so I think I will start that tomorrow. That is, if I can't get to the gym on post. They have a few classes that I want to try out, one of them being belly dancing. The others are Zumba classes and spin classes. I'm all about losing the extra pounds this new year!


Anonymous said...

About the washer....did you by any chance get a energy star washer? If you did make sure that you check if you can get a refund from your local utilities.
PS moving stinks-no matter how you twist it.

CorinneF. said...

Thank you for the tip! I think it is but I'm not sure. I will check when it gets here. :) And if it is, I will be SURE to check with the utilities about a discount.

Amen about the moving stinking!

brenda said...

corie! i think youre important!! :lol:

CorinneF. said...

LOL! Thank you Brenda! I think you are important too!!!! LOL!