Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haven't posted in a few days.

Saying that though...there really hasn't been much to say. Let's see...
I bought and picked up my new Wii. :) This is thanks to the Sears Heroes at Home program. I also bought some work clothes and Mishu is going to be using his portion to buy some tools. It's really helped out a lot, seeing as I've been out of work since before Christmas.
I finally heard back from Home Depot and I go in Monday to sign all the final paperwork and I will be officially hired there. Hopefully I will get some idea of a schedule.
I have my math test next Tuesday so that will be interesting. I know I will do good. :)
Mishu and I will be spending St. Patrick's Day in Savannah so that will be nice. He went there last year over St. Patrick's day and really enjoyed it so he wanted me to experience it with him this year.
Then later that week, probably either Thursday or Friday I will be in Chicago for the weekend. It's the regional meet for swimming with my brother's Special Olympics team so I am going to go see him and the rest of the team swim. It'll be good to see family and maybe some friends again!

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