Friday, January 1, 2010

Move Pt. 2

So I'm down here at Ft. G right now!!!
Most of my stuff fit in the car. A couple things didn't so I just put that in a pile of stuff in my mom's basement. There were a few boxes that the movers did not get because I did not know they were there so in the next couple of months, I need to head back up there to get them. :)
I left the Chicago area Wednesday morning and drove through to Chattanooga. Spent the night there and started out to finish the rest of the drive Thursday morning. In Chattanooga I discovered that my fish, most if not all of them...had died. I was really upset about this. But when I got to Gordon, half of them were alive so I was still upset I lost half the tank, but happy some of them survived the move! I've got a makeshift tank set up in their tote I have them in.
It's nice here so far. We went to a party last night. One of Mishu's friends was having his birthday party and New Years party, so we rang in the new year with them.

I hope the New Year has found everyone in good spirits and in good health!

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