Monday, March 22, 2010

Lesson for the day:


I'm sitting here trying to recover from an asthma attack right now. I took my inhaler 3 times over the last 15 minutes and have not been able to stop coughing. If anything I'm typing is spelled wrong or does not make sense, i'm sorry. I've had to backspace a ton and I cannot stop shaking.

My dog, Hope got out of the front gate of my mom's house. I'm assuming she either a. jumped it or b. crawled under the front gate. She is known for jumping fences and the front swinging part of the gate has about a 4-7" gap underneith it.

I realized she was gone by the time she was about a half block away from me and she just kept going. I ran and she just kept going. She slowed down a little bit and another lady in a car circled the block looking for her. about 4 blocks away we found her and she tried luring Hope with Cheetos and Hope finally came back to me, she doesn't like strangers.

OMG my lungs feel like they are burning. I'm still coughing but I'm coming down a bit. Some people cant get air in with their asthma, well, I can't get air out. So the next breath can't take in enough air. and it just keeps getting worse. Ugh. So not in a good mood right now.

Chicago-area trip so far...

I got in safely Friday evening. :) Stopped by my favorite local bakery, Sweety Pies. I missed their stuff so much! Friday night, my mom and I watched Precious and Did You Hear About The Morgans. Both were good in their own ways.
Saturday my brother had his regional swim meet for the IL Special Olympics. The team did well, and I will get full results from my mom later this week. My brother's relay team got a silver medal (2nd place).
Then, on his individual races, the 100m Freestyle/Front crawl and the 50m Backstroke, he got gold (first!)!

This means that he will be going downstate in June for the Summer Special Olympics IL games! :)

Saturday night we watched Twilight: New Moon. I saw it in the theaters before but definitely was not upset about seeing it again! ;) I'm not one to turn down some nice eye candy! :D

Sunday, I met a friend and her daughter for breakfast at Sweety Pies. Her daughter was the flower girl for my wedding and they had not seen the pictures yet, so I used that as a nice opportunity to catch up with them and eat breakfast again at one of my favorite places. :D Later that day, the bro-dude had hockey practice at which a couple of the Hawks' Girls came and signed autographs for the kids and ex-player and ex-coach Dennis Savard came to play with them! It was all pretty cool. :)


My brother is in is in the red jersey:

A friend, Candace and my uncle and cousin came over for dinner yesterday. We ordered pizza and had fun watching tv and talking. :)

So far today has been just a relaxing day. I need to start loading the pick-up soon with the stuff I came back up here for. There was a lot of stuff that the movers did not take and with my mom buying a house soon, I need to get it out of her place. I watched The Princess and The Frog. Another cute movie. My great-aunt will be coming over this evening and we'll be grabbing dinner. :)

Tomorrow I leave first thing to go back to GA. I'm hoping to make it in one day. If not, I'm hoping not to stop for the night until at least Tennessee or so. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A few updates!

I cut my hair again! It was growing out unevenly and I needed a change so here it is:


I am trying to grow out my hair but I don't want a dye line so I will probably keep cutting it short until it's fully fresh hair. :)

Other than that, we finally found out what is going on for us moving-wise. We definitely will be going to Ft. Bragg, NC and will be there for at least a year. Mishu will still be putting in his Flight packet before we leave Ft. Gordon but won't be elligible to go until at least May '11. He is still looking into Prime Power but it's the same situation. :)

I'm going to Chicago over this next weekend and will be back Wednesday or so. :) It's the Special Olympics regional swim meet and I am going to root my brother and his team on. I am sure I will update again at some point this weekend! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

For giggles....

Start your favorite playlist, set it on random and assign the songs one after the other to the following questions. Dont skip! To get the Movie Title in the end, just take the next song after the End Credits' song and replace one word of it with your own name!

Opening Scene: The Long And Winding Road- The Beatles
Main Theme: Get Over It-The Eagles
Someone dies to: Witchy Woman-The Eagles
Club/Bar Scene: I Believe In A Thing Called Love-The Darkness
Dance Scene: Addicted-Sean King
Taxi Driving Scene: Dance Dance Dance-Steve Miller Band
Empty Apartment Scene: Good Vibrations-The Beach Boys
Love Scene: Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
Hero Theme: Remember When-Alan Jackson
Night Scene: Sad and Lonely-Secret Machines
The Villain appears to: Octopus's Garden-The Beatles
The Big End Fight: Life Without You (Live)-Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
The Villain dies: Surfin' USA-The Beach Boys
Goodbye Sequence: Forever-Dropkick Murpheys
End Credits: Signs-Five Man Electrical Band

Your Movie is going to be called: I Fell In Love (Susan Tedeschi)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I gave my 2 (technically 1) weeks notice yesterday at the Home Depot. Working there just reminded me every day of why I left. The working almost every weekend (both days), the constant stress, the bringing stress home with me. It's not what I need right now. On Monday, I met with the Adapted Aquatics Director at a local YMCA and she was super thrilled. I start there sometime after I get back from Chicago. :) The program there is huge compared to the one I am used to. She has 15+ Adapted Aquatics Instructors on staff versus the other Y I worked at had not even 15 instructors total! It will be great to get back to working with what I love.
Other than that, the Army front is even more confusing than ever. Mishu's Flight packet won't be getting submitted for the next board, which will be a pain in the ass because it just screws things up even more. YAY! When I get more information, if I'm allowed to talk about it...I will. :)
As for right now...that's about it. :)

Hey, if you want...ask me a question, and I will do my best to answer it. Ask me anything!