Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I gave my 2 (technically 1) weeks notice yesterday at the Home Depot. Working there just reminded me every day of why I left. The working almost every weekend (both days), the constant stress, the bringing stress home with me. It's not what I need right now. On Monday, I met with the Adapted Aquatics Director at a local YMCA and she was super thrilled. I start there sometime after I get back from Chicago. :) The program there is huge compared to the one I am used to. She has 15+ Adapted Aquatics Instructors on staff versus the other Y I worked at had not even 15 instructors total! It will be great to get back to working with what I love.
Other than that, the Army front is even more confusing than ever. Mishu's Flight packet won't be getting submitted for the next board, which will be a pain in the ass because it just screws things up even more. YAY! When I get more information, if I'm allowed to talk about it...I will. :)
As for right now...that's about it. :)

Hey, if you want...ask me a question, and I will do my best to answer it. Ask me anything!

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