Friday, March 12, 2010

For giggles....

Start your favorite playlist, set it on random and assign the songs one after the other to the following questions. Dont skip! To get the Movie Title in the end, just take the next song after the End Credits' song and replace one word of it with your own name!

Opening Scene: The Long And Winding Road- The Beatles
Main Theme: Get Over It-The Eagles
Someone dies to: Witchy Woman-The Eagles
Club/Bar Scene: I Believe In A Thing Called Love-The Darkness
Dance Scene: Addicted-Sean King
Taxi Driving Scene: Dance Dance Dance-Steve Miller Band
Empty Apartment Scene: Good Vibrations-The Beach Boys
Love Scene: Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
Hero Theme: Remember When-Alan Jackson
Night Scene: Sad and Lonely-Secret Machines
The Villain appears to: Octopus's Garden-The Beatles
The Big End Fight: Life Without You (Live)-Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
The Villain dies: Surfin' USA-The Beach Boys
Goodbye Sequence: Forever-Dropkick Murpheys
End Credits: Signs-Five Man Electrical Band

Your Movie is going to be called: I Fell In Love (Susan Tedeschi)

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