Thursday, July 2, 2009

A stupid messed up situation

Mike and I got down here to GA yesterday morning. I spent most of yesterday sleeping and he had work. He got home this morning and we both slept some more. Now, this afternoon he told us both that he didnt want me staying here. For the whole 6 weeks. He said it was better if I stayed somewhere else, but it was ok if I came to visit. Um...WHAT?! We gave him plenty of time and plenty of notice that I was coming. Well, It's not like the idiot didn't know I was coming down here for 6 weeks. He knew that we were going to try to spend a decent amount of time together after the wedding. He said it was ok for me to stay here before. When our plan originally was for me to move down here completely, he said it was ok for us to stay here until we found a permanent place, ie on-post housing or an apartment. He said it was fine no matter how long it took. When Mike told him that I wasnt moving down here permanently, he said it was ok that I was going to be staying with Mike for a while. He's never had a problem with me before. I still don't know what his problem is. He told Mike that the lease contract (Mike pays him rent for 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and communal use of the rest of the house, living room/dining room and kitchen) was for 1 room mate only. He told Mike something about it being too crowded. I either stay in the bedroom unless Mike is home, or I am out with Mishu in the rest of the house. I don't use his food and I've washed the dishes I've used and even the dishes he's left on the counter. I keep up after myself and I'm not loud. I'm trying to find a job here so that I'm not bored off my brains. I'm only down here for 6 weeks so the hunt has kind of been a failure, but oh well. I just don't get what his problem is. Well, Mike to the rescue, he called a bunch of his friends down here and one of them is going to rent a room to us. He knows our dog and loves her to bits. He actually lives in the same association. But still, his current roomie just blows my mind. Thank God he is staying at his girl friend's house this weekend. I am still really mad about the whole situation.

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