Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My life has been reduced to countdowns.

My last day of teaching group swim lessons for this session is tomorrow.
Tomorrow I might find out if I have a job in the fall.
Wednesday I go get my nails filled and pick up my dress, I also have to finalize the floral order and the reception hall.
Thursday is the last day of work at the school. It's a half day too.
Thursday is the last practice for the Special Olympics swim team I work with before the State games down at ISU.
Friday morning we (or maybe just me if my mom's ribs stop killing her, that's a whooooole 'nother story)leave to go downstate to cheer my brother on in his swim State games. GO CAM!
Sunday (maybe Saturday) we come back from said games.
Wednesday (17th) Mishu's sister, L, comes in. Also, I go for my waxing.
Thursday (18th) Mishu gets in.
Friday (19th) is my relaxation day. I need to schedule a massage for the day, get my nails filled in and then we have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Then on the 20th is our wedding day!
Then the day after, Sunday the 21st, I go chop my hair off (finally)!
June 22nd we leave at the ass-crack of dawn and go to Jamaica!
June 27th we come back.
June 29th or so we start driving down to GA.
Then I spend the summer down in GA with Mishu and at some point in August, come back. :)

There we go. My life for the next couple months reduced to counting down. LOL!

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