Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm currently down in Normal, IL for the summer IL Special Olympics games! Will probably post some pics in a day or so, but tonight I need to get my butt moving on home work. Like usual, I've but it off until the last possible second and my mentor at WGU is getting nervous.

So today my mom calls me and tells me that a couple boxes came. YAY! That means I've gotten everything for the wedding and I'm virtually DONE! I have her open the boxes to make sure everything is right, which the programs were. The favors on the other hand...were not. Now, my wedding is in 8 days. WTF?! This is beyond not cool. The favors came in printed with the wrong date. So I had her check the package list. That says the correct date. -_- Not a happy girl am I after this point. This means I DID NOT SCREW UP! I called them and of course they were closed for the day. *mumblegrumble* I left a very terse voice mail for them stating that I need the product in my hand by Tuesday night. I am truly hoping they call me back by tomorrow. Otherwise I think I may be screwed.

I will update you (the 3 that read me) when I get something. *sigh*

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