Monday, March 30, 2009


So. :D

Most of the wedding plans are in order. We are just trying to figure out right now if Mishu is going to wear his uniform. He's gotten a lead on getting some Dress Blues but he doesn't want to get married at his current rank. He will probably be able to get promoted but we still aren't sure. So we may not end up having a military ceremony. Which I don't like but I cant make him walk down the isle in something he doesn't want to wear. Other than that, there is really only a few things that need to be done.
My wedding shower is in a few weeks and I'm kind of excited! My mom and friends have been doing so much planning, and I can't wait!
Last week I went to go visit Mishu down in GA. The weather was great, we worked on a couple of our registries, everything was awesome. We didn't do much other than that and well...loafing! Hehe! Oh, I did go to the ACS office on post, to figure out some sort of employment when I move there in July. The lady I talked to was real nice and put me in contact with a guy at the pool on post and the lady that is in charge of the Exceptional Family Member Program on post. I also met one of Mishu's fellow soldier co-workers and she is really cool. We spent the day together, shopping at shoe stores and getting our nails done! I haven't had a day like that in a long time and apparently, neither has she. She and her husband have a little girl and she said all their shopping time is devoted to her. :)
When I went to the ACS office I got some information from the lady about the area and what the school districts are like. the job prospects don't look good, especially since a lot of school districts are cutting back on budgets and that usually means not hiring new assistants. :( Boo! BUT.....While I was in the office, I was talking about my experience and what not and they latched on to me teaching aquatics. They put me in contact (actually called him...on the phone...and then thrust the phone at me and made me talk to him!) the director of the aquatics facility on post. He sounded really excited that I have the experiences that I do. Wanted to get my resume right away and was kind of sad, in a way, that I couldn't start right away. That really made me feel good! Also, the lady that does the EFMP stuff was really glad I had done respite work before. I guess they really need people over there. :) Again, made me feel really good!
I sent the man that runs the aquatics facility my resume and current certifications. He did make kind of an issue over the phone that I did not have my lifeguard certification. I am kind of reluctant to do it, it's just a lot of work and well...I am inherently pretty lazy. :D I got an email today from the director of aquatics at the facilities on post and she said she was impressed with my resume and was wondering if I would be interested in getting certified for lifeguard. *sigh* But she also mentioned that "We would love to expand our lessons to further help our wounded soldiers and your certifications would be an excellent dove-tail fit into our desires." O.o Wow. Interesting...I've never worked with neuro-typical individuals in an adaptive aquatics setting. I'm actually really interested in it. A little scared but I think it could be a good experience!
I had a total OH CRAP! moment today! You know, how people say they have an AHA! moment? Yeah, well, an OH CRAP! moment is a complete 180 from that. :\ I realized that I will be out of a job (my TA position) in June and I won't be leaving until July. That leaves me about a good month that I am down over half my income. CRAP! So I had asked my supervisor at the YMCA if I could get more hours and he was pretty sure they could do that. I thought about it today and I am already teaching lessons at the YMCA 14 hours a week currently. I know that they have issues giving part-timers (almost everyone that works at the Y) hours totaling close to full-time. I talked to him today and he was pretty sure they could get me up to higher 20 hours a weeks to lower 30 hours. That makes me a little less nervous. Mishu also said things will be ok, he will figure a way for them to work. I also talked to my supervisor at the Y and he said he would have no problem getting me lifeguard certified! YAY! WOOOHOO! Crap...I need to get in shape!
Other than that...I think most everything is caught up! LOL! I'm sure I'll find more to blog about in a couple of days!


Dayngr said...

You go girl! Sorry I've been so out of the loop in keeping up with you but it's been a mad house here.

CorinneF. said...

No apologies necessary! LOL! I've been really busy myself! And I used to design kitchens and bathrooms (along with other rooms) and I know how remodeling can go!