Friday, February 18, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill In

What is your favorite MilSpouse blog (not including Wife of a Sailor who we all love, or your own)? submitted by Our Crazy Life (Wifey note: whaaaat? You can’t say my blog? No fun! LOL, just kidding)
    Hrm. I follow a lot and I don’t read them often enough. I’d have to say one of my favorite to follow is Jessica at It's a beautiful ride... . Maybe it’s because I know her in person and it’s good to see some of her candid insights on things. 

    What are your favorite perks about your s/o being deployed (we all know there are perks)? submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife
      I would have to say the MONEY was the biggest perk. We were not living together nor technically back “on” in our relationship at the beginning of his deployment though so I will get back to you on that after the next one (because I’m sure there is going to be another before his ETS date.)

      How long did you date your before getting engaged? Married? submitted by Utterly Chaotic
        We dated 3 months before getting engaged…the first time. It was 6 years before we were engaged for the last time and were married 7ish years after we first started seeing each other. 

        What do you think your would do if s/he wasn’t in the military? submitted by Adventures of M-Squared
          Oh man, I have no clue. I doubt he would still be working at FedEx, he was getting fed up there, that’s one of the many reasons he joined. I would have to say probably be in law enforcement. It’s something he’s always been interested in. That or as a firefighter/paramedic. 

          If you could talk to the Secretary of (fill in your appropriate branch) what is one suggestion you would like to bring to their attention in order to improve the lives of military families?  submitted by My Life as His (Air Force) Wife
            I would say make every post/installation/whatever have the DoDEA and really focus on the quality of the education. Make it easier for the records to be transferred and the curriculum to be a smooth transfer. Also make it possible for the children of the families that live off post (but close by) to attend the schools as well.


            To the Nth said...

            We don't have children yet ourselves, but I imagine transferring from school to school to school is one of the roughest parts of frequent PCSing. It would be nice to ease that burden for parents and students as much as possible.

            CorinneR. said...

            Our girls aren't old enough for school yet either, but working in the school systems (both civilian ad DoDEA) I saw first hand the problems that stemmed from moving from a civilian school to a DoDEA school and from post to post. I just think that some continuity would do everyone some good!