Monday, February 22, 2010

Army Wives, the book

I started reading Army Wives yesterday or the day before and I'm about half way through it. I'm liking the book so far, and I will try not to give any spoilers away. But here is what I think of it so far: (There may be some topics here I discuss that may be sensitive to some so I caution you not to read if death and the situations that go along with it are somethings that will make you upset)

I have never...NEVER had to put a book down because it made me cry so much. Never ever. I finished a section I was reading and I just had to put the book down and walk away. I can only say..."There but for the Grace of God go I." I am going to continue reading this book, and I am sure I will get to more parts in this book that make it very hard to get through but wow. I guess it's just that this is so close to home sometimes. Mishu isn't out deployed but he has been. I know that fear of that phone call being the last. It sucks. I hope to never have to experience it, as I hope those I know never have to experience it. I can't even imagine the pain and anguish that spouse must endure. But Mrs. Biank (the author) describes it in such a heart-wrenching way that, like I said before, I almost found myself sobbing at her descriptions of it.

My heart truly goes out to those that have lost a service member.

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