Saturday, September 4, 2010


I know, I suck. I haven't updated in a bit. starting work has been a major adjustment. I'm definitely starting to really feel pregnant again. I've taken some bump pics and wow...I didn't realize how "pregnant" I look! I've got some pictures to update here so I will post those now. :)
Here's me at 18 weeks, 3 days:

And here is me today, 20 weeks 0 days:

And here are some updated pictures on the babies:

Here is Baby A:

And here is Baby B:

According to the doctors, there is one placenta and 2 sacs. Both of the babies, according to the ultrasound on August 19th, are girls! :D

Work is going well. It's kicking my butt being back but I enjoy it and and glad for it.

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sarabug said...

Oh wow, two girls!! You look amazing Corie, I am so excited for you!