Saturday, December 4, 2010

Latest update

The docs feel I am fine to go home and the girls, as they say, are healthy. They wanted to discharge me today but I was uncomfortable doing that without having Mishu there to sit down with the doc and ask all the questions that I didn't and still don't have the where with all to ask (ie. please explain bed rest, can she drive, specifics, how often for doc appointments, how long do you reasonably think she will carry) and to voice our concern with his work. He is working 4:30a(which means he leaves the house at 3:30)-7p (at the earliest, usually 9p) every day M-F. And they are on full recall status. So if he gets a call, doesn't need to be a legit mission, even if they are just doing a surprise, keep-you-on-your-tows thing, he has to be in formation before 2 hours has passed. He is worried about me being home alone all that time and lack of transportation if I cannot drive. So yeah...that is what we are talking with the doctor about tomorrow.

I had a BioPhysical Profile test done today and both babies scored a 10 out of 10, perfect. For those that don't know what it is, here is what I found on

One of the major parts of the BPP is a detailed ultrasound. During the ultrasound the technician is looking for movements of your baby's arms and legs (muscle tone), movements of the body, breathing movements (moving chest muscles), and the measurement of amniotic fluid. Your baby will be scored on five things during the test. A score of 0 (abnormal) or 2 (normal) will be given in each of these categories:

    * muscle tone
    * body movements
    * breathing movements
    * amniotic fluid levels
    * heart rate 

Mishu asked to look at my chart, which I was fine with and so were the nurses and charge nurse. He has almost never been here when they come back with the test results or even when they are ordering the tests and he'd like to know the results in a more detailed way (that's his brain and he is a medical background and undestands the technical terms) I asked him to look at about how big the girls are, because I didn't catch that this morning during the test (the bed was SO uncomfortable and I'm just in general sore all over.) Both girls are measuring about late 32-late 33 weeks (a little ahead of the doc's schedule....which is what I've been telling them all along!!! ) and each weigh around....get this......4.6lbs!!! OMFG! NO freakin wonder my body is so sore! In the past week, one gained a whole pound and the other gained at least half a poind. GAH! 

Well..I guess it's good they are growing so well! So if that is right, I'm carrying almost 9lbs of baby already. UUUGGGGHHH!  :huh:  :faint: Mishu was 10+lbs when he was born! He is predicting I will have a 6Lb'er and a 7lb'er. I am totally blaming him, because I was under 6lbs when I was born! Damn chunker!

Oh, and I've got a whole bunch of belly pictures to show off, since it's been a while since I've posted a recent one! But that is a post for tomorrow! Toodles! 


A Humble Planter said...

Goodness Gracious lady!!! (Thank you for stopping by Planting Shade earlier, I am glad to see you back!) I will be praying for you and your babes!!!

CorinneR. said...

:) Thanks! I'm actually back in the hospital. The girls' have been out for 3 weeks, but I really really need to update my blogger. LOL!