Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A big update. Kind of. I think?

Mishu and I have been looking at houses in Fayetteville. Neither of us are opposed to the idea of settling there for a little while, and knowing the 82nd Airborne, we could easily be there for a while. Between the two of us (he went on his own, then we went together, then I went on my own) we looked at over 30 houses. At least. Not even counting the ones we drove up to with the agent and just said NO to before even getting out of the car. We liked two and are putting an offer in on one after getting some local input. The offer should be getting to the current owner s today and we put in the stipulations that we want to hear back on or before Friday.  I really hope we get this house. If we can have a contract settled before the end of the month, we will qualify for the $8,000 tax credit for new home buyers! That would help a ton in paying off some bills and buying some household items we don't own currently (like a lawn mower!).

I've started the arduous task of applying for jobs again. Already got turned down for one. It's probably for the best. Now I can focus on getting a job in my degree field. :)

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