Saturday, August 14, 2010

OB appointment

So I realized that I did not update from my OB appointment on Thursday. It went well, of sorts. I did not like the doctor at all. He was not conversational at all and I didn't even get to see the babies! Thankfully Mishu was able to see them. The doc found both heartbeats easily and said he did not see a membrane between them but the ER U/S said she saw one. I am going in this coming Thursday for a more in depth full anatomy scan one and we will see then. (And hopefully we will get to see their baby bits and find out genders!) Mishu and the doctor did say that they were super active and Mishu said that they were beating the snot out of each other again! He told them to "Go to your womb!" I giggled but the doctor didn't get it at ALL!
Can't wait to update about the Squiddies next week!!!!

ETA: Oh, they ended up moving my due date sooner by a week so far. :) 

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