Thursday, September 11, 2008

About me...

I'll start my first post by saying who I am and what I'm about.
My name is Corinne and I'm a 24 year old perpetual student. I love learning and I love school. That is...until I'm actually in a required class. :) Yes, I love learning but when I have to take a class, well, I'm not the happiest person.
I'm almost done with my A.A. degree, having been in college since August of '02. Basically I've been going to school part time, paying my own way mostly (other than taking out a loan here and there) and working full time. It kind of upsets me that it's taken me so long to get this far but I just have to look back and see how much work-place experience I have gained where most people my age might just now be getting into the "real world." So this next December I will have finished my A.A. degree and this October I am starting at WGU online to earn my B.A. degree in Special Education Teaching. This should take me anywhere from 2-3 years depending on how quickly I can move through it. It's all competency based, so basically, I can't pass on to the next section or class until I prove I know what the last section taught me. I'm really looking forward to this.
The reason I am moving from a traditional college atmosphere (which I currently in) to an online college is because I am getting married to the most wonderful man in my world...who is a soldier in the United States Army. Our wedding is in June of '09 (only just over 9 months away!) and I am so very excited about it! It is going to be in the town where I live. After our wedding we are going to go to his hometown, in NY, and celebrate the wedding with the rest of his family and friends who will not able to make it to the wedding. Soon after that, I will be moving from my home in IL to the Army base he will be at in GA. That is probably the most scary thing to me since I have never lived away from family or away from the area I was born. But hundreds of thousands of other men and women have done this, I can too.
About what I do? Well, I'd like to be a teachers assistant right now, as I was last year, but I am stuck trying to find a job right now. I've put out many applications but I'm fully at the mercy of what the school districts need. I do have a job teaching swim to special needs individuals and it is a job I love but lets face it, it isn't a job that pays the bills or rent or anything else. I'm adding even more students, but it still isn't enough to make ends meet.
Um...that's about all I can figure for now. :)

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