Friday, September 26, 2008

I am so sick and tired of College bullshit!

I am just so freakin' aggravated right now. I was supposed to get a call from my adviser at WGU at 3:15. I put off everything else I had to do so that I could have some quiet time to talk to her. I didn't get any calls until 3:50 (this is not the first time this has happened) and it wasn't even my adviser. The assistant called me to tell me that my adviser left early and she had rescheduled me with another adviser but that one left early also. So I'm not very happy about that right now, and she tells me that one of my transcripts did not make it in yet (I had them sent rush two weeks ago) and they had a meeting today to drop me and she didn't have the results of the meeting. I delayed entry last month due to some of my other colleges dragging their feet on sending the transcripts.
Now, I am also attending one of the community colleges in my area, finishing up my last two classes before I graduate. I enrolled now because I was told by the adviser that I could do so and transfer my AA when I finished it.
Well...come today I was told by her assistant I cant do that. I need to finish the classes I am taking now or they wont count. I dont understand that. What if I earn education credits at the job I have. Will those not count???? Ugh....I am so aggravated now. At least I got confirmation from the assistant that my application fee wont be effected and I wont have to pay it again. Looks like I wont be starting my BA in Special Ed until at least January. I just cant even explain how upset I am right now. :\

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Dayngr said...

I didn't see a place to comment on the polar plunge. Wow! You're a brave one my friend. =)