Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Show me the money!..and other stuff

:D I got the job! I can't wait! I go get fingerprinted tomorrow morning and then I have to finish filling out all the paperwork for health care and retirement fund crap. :D I am so excited though! Tomorrow afternoon, I go and observe the classroom I will be in. Then I start full time on Wednesday morning! :D I am finally gainfully employed! Wheee! Yes! Yay!

I'm really getting annoyed with the swim lessons I teach. Just over half of my students showed up last week. Some of them had legit excuses, some had questionable ones. I mean, people, you pay a certain amount of money for these lessons, I teach your children how to swim, I give you a 30 minute break from your hectic life. Please give me the courtesy of SHOWING UP! I love my job. I love what I do. I love the children, believe me if I didn't I wouldn't still be doing this. I would have found a job that pays more with more hours. Hell, I probably wouldn't have left a good paying job just so that I could continue TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN! I need to figure this out soon, because I am still getting more students but if they don't show up this isn't going to be worth my time. I am saving for a wedding, I am trying to get myself out of debt. I'm trying to live day to day without pulling mty hair out about money. And when I could be making a mice bit of change and they don't show up...needless to say...this gets me a bit perturbed.

Other than that, Mishu is doing some kind of training, some sort of medic thing that he does not want to do but has to do any way. It looks like he wont be able to call me for a few days and that sucks...but hell, this is the Army. I should be used to this by now! I know I am definitely going to need to get used to it, hell, we are going to be in this for the long haul. At least 8 or so years from now. Grr! But at least he will have a marketable job when he gets out. Or we could stay in longer and have an even more marketable job...and a pretty nice pension. So the long and short of it is we dont know how long we are going to be in for, but he says he wants to make it a family decision when we get to that point. It will basically depend on where we are in our life together, where I am in my career and where we are with children.

I should probably say that Mishu is my fiance, my heart, my soldier.

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